Management Information Systems - Certification Course

Management Information Systems

Today, the world is computerized, interconnected, and completely data-driven. The information serves as fuel in accelerating the business in the computer-controlled world. Data is the new wealth of the 21st century so the management of it is highly demanded and ever-growing. All the multinational giants are investing hugely in data and information because the analysis and management of the customers’ data are what makes them grow day by day.

MIS (management information systems) is one of the hottest essential courses out there. MIS focuses on how companies can use the information to improve their operations. The demand for skillful and efficient data MIS individuals is at its zenith in today’s business world and It’s not going to stop in the near future.  MIS jobs are everywhere – Information Technology, Banking and Financial Services, Healthcare, Government Services, and Management.

The career opportunities are immense –business analyst, database analyst, information systems manager, IT user Liaison, database administrator, business intelligence analyst, business consultant, and a lot more. So if you love both information technology and business processes this is the right time and the right choice for you. We provide high quality, best in class knowledge, and skills. This course teaches from basic to advanced, Excel VBA (visual basic applications), design and administration, data analysis, computer networking, modern system analysis, and much more. Our courses are designed by industry experts and meet various industrial and market requirements.

Upon certification, you will develop management skills and foster an underlying business and practices and principles.  You will have excellent career opportunities and you will be one level ahead of others to get placed.

The thoughtful study of information and management skills and its simple representation makes it easy to understand and predict the future trajectory of the business, thereby making the company’s discussions better and reliable.

60 Hours Extensive Training

26 Modules

Supplemental Resources

Full lifetime access

Language: English

Certificate of Completion

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    To those who want to make a career in this field here, we are with the best to offer with the best  MIS  course in India. Our curriculum is practical in approach and definitely will help you to be a professional in the field of MIS with a creative approach towards problem-solving.

    The Learning Experience is...

    Offline/ Online

    The Course offers Online and in-Class Training.

    Flexibility Learning Schedule and Program

    Learn at your pace and Achieve your Goals as per your Convenient Schedule

    (Beginner/ Intermediate/ Advanced)Level

    Approximately 3 Months to Complete


    The Course does not require any prior management knowledge.

    Expertise you’ll gain after obtaining a Certificate

    Gain an insight into the skills and expertise you’ll gain after the completion of the course. We have shaped the course with the industry experts to offer you practical knowledge of the concepts as well.

    Develop and broaden your knowledge of MIS by learning the fundamentals

    Understand other concepts such as loops, variables, functions and operators

    A comprehensive introduction and learning of MIS by understanding low controls, strings, arrays, objects, data types, class and pointers

    Holistic learning of the core and advanced concepts of VBA

    Learn the basics and concepts such as accessing, modifying, filtering, inserting, updating and calculating data with Excel

    Understand the subqueries, joins and modification of data with VBA

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