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Data Science Course in Delhi - Certification Program

Data Science:


Are you interested in predictions or want to discover about different things through their data?

Accelerate your career with the Complete Data Science Certification Course from BADATYA. This course is the perfect combination of Theory, Practical, Case Studies, and Projects.
Data Science is one of the most flourishing digital technologies. Companies are applying Data Science to leverage data-driven decisions to contribute to digital transformation. To make this contribution successful they have huge seats for the right and skilled data scientists. Master Data Science Skills to get the sexiest job of the 21st century as a data scientist. Your journey to be a data scientist can be started just by enrolling in our Data Science Certification Course. On completion of this course, you would be able to discover different things about people by analyzing data using various algorithms along with a lifetime valid certification for completing this course.


About the Course:


BADATYA offers a Complete Data Science course, the most demanding Data Science course in the market, covering the complete Data Science concepts from Data Manipulation, Data Visualization and Analytics, R And Python Programming for Data Science, Machine Learning, Text Mining, Artificial Intelligence, and Neural Network.
Data Manipulation includes Data Collection, Data Extraction, Data Cleansing, Data Exploration, Data Integration, Data Mining, Data Transformation, Feature Engineering, building Prediction models, and Data Visualization.
You will learn R with databases, data import/export, analysis, and visualization and Python will include the study of libraries like Numpy, Pandas for data analysis, and matplotlib, seaborn libraries for data visualization.
Skills that will be covered are Statistical Analysis, Text Mining, Regression Modelling, Probability, Hypothesis Testing, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing, Databases, and Excel.
You will complete your training with an industrial session which will provide you a complete insight into how industries apply Data Science in their real-time projects, Risk Analysis, Time Management, etc.




You will get assignments to polish your skills and to understand how things work in the Practical World. Work on more than 50 Case studies and Assignments with 24/7 Assignment support from our experts.

• Exercises on Data Cleaning, Data Mining, and Data Transformation.
• Assignments based on Data Visualization.
• Case studies for descriptive & visual analysis.
• Task related to basic Python.
• Task related to basic Python.
• Exercises related to Predictions using Machine Learning Algorithms.
• Assignments related to Databases Analysis.


Course Structure:


• What’s Data Science is?
• Statistics & Probability
• Data Analytics Overview
• Qualitative Data
Statistics and Probability:
• What is Statistics and its type?
• Random Sampling
• Systematic Sampling
• Stratified Sampling
• Probability and its uses.
Machine Learning:
• Basics of Machine Learning
• What is Regression?
• Linear Regression
• Logistic Regression
• Text Mining
• Data Manipulation via Pandas
• What is Clustering and its Type?
• Reinforcement Learning
Artificial Intelligence:
• Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
• Supervised Learning
• Feature Engineering
• Unsupervised learning
• Time Series Modelling
• Recommender Systems
Deep Learning
• What is Deep Learning?
• Bayes Theorem
• Naive Bayes Algorithm and its type
• Support Vector Machine
Natural Language Processing
• Attention Based model
• Transfer Learning in NLP
Database and Excel:
• Introduction to DataBase
• Introduction to MySql
• Introduction to Excel
• Introduction to VBA



In this Data Science Course, we are going to cover-up Industry appropriate Real-time Projects and these projects will guide you in griping all the concepts thoroughly. This course will help you in inventing new data patterns and learners with exceptional skills will get an opportunity to work permanently on our live projects. Some of the projects which will be covered in our course are:

• Titanic Data Analysis
• Text Sentiment Analysis
• Ecommerce suggestion engine
• Online job announcement analysis
• Airline’s data analysis and reporting
• Sales and Marketing data manipulation and analysis
• Sales Forecasting




A dedicated placement team for the participants who completed the course to guide them for better placements. BADATYA offers 100% placement and has Tied up with 300+ Companies to Provide Jobs to our candidates. Associates will experience a thorough interview devising measures on Data Science.


Growth and opportunity:


Salary extents are usually the foremost thing people evaluate when exploring a new career. Determining the market valuation of a locale provides you to authenticate if studying the skills is advantageous. If you follow a career in data science, you’ll be fulfilled with the pair of significant work and high pay. The average wage for Data Scientists is 10 Lakhs annually in India.

The data displays that this zone is well-paid anyway where you stay. If you are appearing to build a career shift into data science that involves relocation or if you’re enthusiastic about the average salary of your home state, we have what you’re looking for.

Employment scenarios in Data Science:


Average salary data shows that data scientist career opportunities reside all through the nation. Employers are staring for individuals with the capability to ask questions of enormous data sets, the ability to use the industrial equipment to analyze and existing data, and the spookiness to continue gazing for perceptions.


Functional designation of graduates from data science include:


Data Scientist
Data Analyst
Business Intelligence Analyst
Machine Learning Engineer
Junior Data Analyst
Data Science may sound like an occupation that can be accomplished remotely, and for certain positions this is accurate. Remote job traditions have grown into more regulated and recruiting employees from an entirely dissimilar state is no longer an exception. In reality, if you haven’t observed at any remote data scientist positions so far, the range of options and caliber of companies hiring will pleasantly surprise you.



1. What Is Data Science? Who Is a Data Scientist?

Data Science is all about extracting hidden patterns of data pertaining to trends, behavior, interpretation, and inferences to enable informed decisions to support the business. The experts who accomplish these actions are supposed to be Data Scientists / Science professionals.

2. Does data science have a future?

There is precedently accelerating automation in data science, and it is unquestionably in a process to slow down. You can already program a machine-dependent on multiple scopes to find the best ideal business resolution to a challenge.

3. Why is data refining necessary?

Data refining is a procedure in which you go over all of the data within a database and either remove or update details that are insufficient, inaccurate, improperly formatted, replicated, or unrelated. Data refining is crucial because it enhances your data attribute and in doing so, raises overall production.

4. What is the payment of a data scientist?

The average pay for a data scientist in India is ₹698,412 lakh annually in 2020. Despite that, this tendency has smoothed off with the average analytics salary capped at ₹8,50,000 lakh annually overall involvement levels in 2021. Actually, Data Analytics experts are currently contributing to the big data wave with analytics experts earning 26% more than an average software engineer in India.

5. What are the top algorithms that every data scientist must have command on?

It is significantly crucial for the machine learning fans to know and understand the fundamental and important machine learning algorithms. As an illustration, the top five most famous algorithms that all data scientists should know are:

Logistic Regression
K-Nearest Neighbours
Naive Bayes
Support Vector Machines
Random Forest


Help and Support:


• We provide you 24 / 7 support from our team.
• Ask your Queries anytime.
• Get study materials and more Case Studies from your respective mentor to get better command of the technology.










60 Hours Extensive Training

26 Modules

Supplemental Resources

Full lifetime access

Language: English

Certificate of Completion

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    Predicting the elevating demand for data scientists, Badatya furnishes a high-end certification in data science to help you master the subject. The courses offered by us helps you to master the skills of statistics, hypothesis testing, clustering, linear regression, logistic regression, data visualization, data mining, and decision trees. The candidate masters the concepts of regression models, programming languages, data wrangling and other tools as well.
    This course provides a holistic approach and extensive data science training. The course is taught by instructors and includes self-learning as well. The certification enables the candidates to become an expert in the field of data science.

    The Learning Experience is...

    We Strive to Furnish the Best-in-Class and Complete Learning Experience. We Offer Excellence through our Data Science Course as follows :

    Offline/ Online

    The Course offers in-Class and Online Training.

    Flexibility learning schedule and program

    Learn at your Pace and Achieve your Goals as per your Convenient Schedule

    (Beginner/ Intermediate/ Advanced) Level

    Approximately 6 Months to Complete the Course.


    The Course does not Require any Prior Data Science Knowledge. Having it is an Asset but not Mandatory.

    Expertise you’ll gain after obtaining a Certificate

    Badatya offers top-notch data science course which helps an individual embark on a successful journey as a data scientist. The course covers the complete concepts from the fundamentals to the advanced.

    Insight into the concepts of data science and techniques

    Deep understanding of data structures, manipulations and data mining

    Knowledge of linear and non-linear regressions and techniques of classification

    In-depth understanding of supervised and unsupervised learning models

    Learn the technical skills and knowledge required such as statistics, optimization, integration, NumPy, Hadoop and more

    Master the concepts of time series modelling and recommendation engines and Tableau concepts and skills

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