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Data Analytics Course in Delhi - Certification Program

Do you like to play with Data?

BADATYA brings a Complete Data Analysis Certification Course. Data Analysis is all about playing with data using different tools and drawing patterns from the data, using those patterns in making optimum business decisions. Managing data in an efficient and effective way is a major concern. Learn Data Analysis and add one more skill to your skillset.

About the Course:


Today we are surrounded by data and most of the data is in raw form, converting this raw data into useful information is the magic of a Data Analyst.
Data Analysis involves various steps to draw patterns from data like Data Mining, Data Storage, Data cleaning, structuring the data, Data Transformation, Data Remodelling, etc. These steps will help you in preparing data to draw conclusions out of it.

In this course, we will train you through a step-by-step process to handle data and to design patterns that will help you in making strong business decisions. This course will train you to be an in-demand data Analyst from an untrained candidate. On completion of our high-demand course, you will receive a lifetime valid certification and will get a chance to crack good job offers. Learn data analytics through this program and Understand how to clean and organize data for effective analysis to make better business decisions.




Assignments are made to improve your learning skills. Assignments are designed by experts to give you practice exposure which will help you in the enhancement of your knowledge. Work on more than 40 data sets to get hands-on experience on data.

While solving assignments you will go through the refinement of the Data Extraction, Data Cleaning using various methods, the transformation of data, Data Structuring, Data Modelling, etc.

Course Structure:

This Data Analytics course for newcomers has been designed for newcomers to advance, regardless of foregoing knowledge associated with analytics.

Advance Excel

Cell Referencing
Logical Functions
Text Functions
Statistical Function
Lookup & Reference Functions
Sorting & Filtering
MIS Reporting
View & protection
Visual Basic for Application
conditional operators
Strings and String Functions
Programming Loops and Arrays
Subs and Functions
Excel Object
Excel Events
VBA Error Types[Error Handling]
User Forms
Query from a worksheet


Introduction to Basic Database Concepts
Introduction to SQL
DDL and DML Statements
Aggregate Functions
Joins and Set Operations
Working with Constraints
Implementing Views
Data Control Language (DCL)


Python Basics
Conditional Statements
String Handling
Lists, Tuple, Sets, Dictionary
Lambda Expression
Exception Handling
Oops Concepts
Creating Classes & objects
working with files

Introduction of R

Data Types
Data frames
Handling date in R
If …else
For loop
While loop
Conditional Statements and Functions
Scalar, Vectors, Matrix
Statistical Concepts
Predictive Modelling
Data Visualisation in R using GGPlot
Misc. functions and Data Visualization adopting Plotly


Working with Tableau
Data organization
Creation of Parameters
Advanced visualization
Dashboard data presentation

Power BI

Introduction to PowerBI
Using PowerBI
PowerBI Charts
Power BI KPI


Develop your ability by working on live projects with our team, understanding project lifecycles. Working on a Project will get you ready for industry. In our course, you will cover projects which are related to client requirements and get exposure to working with us permanently.


Placement is an integral part of the course, your course is incomplete without getting your dream placement. BADATYA offers you 100% placement on successful course completion. We have a separate placement team who will keep you updated with industry aspects and will train you accordingly.


Growth and Opportunity:

BUILD your foundation after working with different data sets, understand better data visualization for better business decisions.
Get hands-on experience in Analytics and get guaranteed 100% placement with BADATYA.
BADATYA has tied up with more than 300+ companies. Get job opportunities from the best companies with your desired packages.



1. What Data Analytics is?

Data is the collection of facts that is organized in different forms like numbers, text, images, pictures, etc. Data analytics is all about preprocessing this data and then transforming this data to bring useful patterns which can help you in your business development. Companies use Data Analysis to get customer’s choices about their products and work accordingly.

2. How can data analytics help me in my growth?

Data analysts bring information from data which is not an easy task for others. Data Analysts help organizations make better business decisions. They preprocess, analyze, and visualize data, discover hidden patterns and answer the key questions which can help organizations. Their work helps in organization growth to a great extent and hence it directly leads to their growth.

3. What are the prerequisites to join this course?

Data Analysis is different from programming languages or other skills. You do not need to spend your precious time learning different things as a prerequisite for joining this course. This program is itself a complete course covering from very basic to advanced level. Our experts will take you from ground level to a master level in Data Analysis.

4. How Placement team will help me in getting my dream job?

We have a dedicated placement team, they will train you as per industry demands and will keep you updated with industry standards. They will work on the skills which are required for better placements like your communication skills, personality, resume building, and many more. They will also help you in understanding the interviewer’s mind and how to respond accordingly. After preparing you our team will connect you with different companies to get better placement.

5. Learning Data Analysis is easy or a difficult task to do?

Working with any technology is easy if you have an interest in it. Similarly learning data analysis requires your interest and dedication. If you like to play around with data then it’s going to be very easy and interesting for you.

Help and Support:

• We provide you 24 / 7 support from our team.
• Ask your Queries anytime.
• Get study materials and more Case Studies from your respective mentor to get better command of the technology.

60 Hours Extensive Training

26 Modules

Supplemental Resources

Full lifetime access

Language: English

Certificate of Completion

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    Badatya’s Data Analytics program is crafted with the motive of providing extensive learning and expertise in the elevating data analytics segment. The certification teaches the candidates statistical techniques, data blending, analysis, programming languages, data extraction, and regression analysis and preparing data for forecasting and analysis. The candidate will obtain mastery over data visualization techniques as well like excel, tableau and Power BI.
    This certification experience furnishes theoretical, conceptual and practical knowledge to the individuals. The candidate will possess holistic skills and knowledge of becoming a pioneer in data analytics upon the completion of the course.

    The Learning Experience is...

    Offline/ Online

    The Course offer in-Class Training

    Flexibility learning schedule and program

    Learn at your Pace and Achieve your Goals as per your Convenient Schedule

    (Beginner/ Intermediate/ Advanced)Level

    Approximately 3 Months to Complete


    The Course does not Require any prior Data Analytics knowledge. Having it is an Asset but not Mandatory

    Expertise you’ll gain after obtaining a Certificate

    The data analytics certification with Badatya will pave way for you to gain mastery in data analytics. The course takes you from the fundamentals to the advanced concepts. Upon completion, you’ll be an expert in this field. The learning path takes the candidate exclusively along with the tools and knowledge to bequeath you with a competitive advantage.

    Deep understanding of the statistical concepts and techniques

    Data analytics concepts and practices using advanced Excel

    Latest and updates Microsoft analysis and visualization tools

    Process of data wrangling through gathering, assessing and cleaning data and prepare it for analysis

    Master the concepts of the programming language of Python

    Knowledge of working and interpret data in Python using multi-dimensional arrays

    Gain insights and perform data analysis with Python libraries like Pandas and NumPy

    In-depth understanding of SQL concepts and commands

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