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Data Analytics Course in Delhi - Certification Program

Data Analytics is an in-demand skill which is widely recognised and highly valued. Considered vital in businesses, it helps to understand the organisational problems and explore the data in meaningful ways. It scrutinizes the data, filters, develops and models the data to achieve the information which leads to conclusions and aids in decision-making. The rapidly widening segment has an escalated demand for people who master this talent. Businesses demand professionals in Data analytics field to boost their business growth. You will be elated to know that the data market is expected to grow by 20% and estimated to reach 100 3 billion USD by 2023 which widens the career prospects for people willing to develop a career in data analytics.

Attributing to the significance of data analytics in the business world, we have launched the best Data Analytics courses in Delhi which delivers complete knowledge of it and shapes the candidates into professionals. This course set you apart from the competition and makes you stand as the most potential candidate in the field of Data Analytics. The course is crafted by experts and builds your expertise in the domain. If you have made up your mind, no Data Analytics course in Delhi can match the learning we furnish. We keep up with our words unlike others and lay what we say.

We have one of the best Data Analytics course in Delhi and it takes you from the introduction of data analytics, SQL, Python, R Programming, Tableau and Power BI, and Excel to the advanced and practical concepts of each of them. The practical applicability of the concepts eases you to cope up with the industrial pace. Get your Certificate in Data Analytics today with us and embark on a prosperous and expertise-rich Data Analyst journey. The industry awaits professionals like you.

60 Hours Extensive Training

26 Modules

Supplemental Resources

Full lifetime access

Language: English

Certificate of Completion

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Badatya’s Data Analytics program is crafted with the motive of providing extensive learning and expertise in the elevating data analytics segment. The certification teaches the candidates statistical techniques, data blending, analysis, programming languages, data extraction, and regression analysis and preparing data for forecasting and analysis. The candidate will obtain mastery over data visualization techniques as well like excel, tableau and Power BI.
This certification experience furnishes theoretical, conceptual and practical knowledge to the individuals. The candidate will possess holistic skills and knowledge of becoming a pioneer in data analytics upon the completion of the course.

The Learning Experience is...

We Strive to Furnish the Best-in-Class and Complete Learning Experience. We Offer Excellence through our Data Analytic Course as follows :

Offline/ Online

The Course offer in-Class Training

Flexibility learning schedule and program

Learn at your Pace and Achieve your Goals as per your Convenient Schedule

(Beginner/ Intermediate/ Advanced)Level

Approximately 3 Months to Complete


The Course does not Require any prior Data Analytics knowledge. Having it is an Asset but not Mandatory

Expertise you’ll gain after obtaining a Certificate

The data analytics certification with Badatya will pave way for you to gain mastery in data analytics. The course takes you from the fundamentals to the advanced concepts. Upon completion, you’ll be an expert in this field. The learning path takes the candidate exclusively along with the tools and knowledge to bequeath you with a competitive advantage.

Deep understanding of the statistical concepts and techniques

Data analytics concepts and practices using advanced Excel

Latest and updates Microsoft analysis and visualization tools

Process of data wrangling through gathering, assessing and cleaning data and prepare it for analysis

Master the concepts of the programming language of Python

Knowledge of working and interpret data in Python using multi-dimensional arrays

Gain insights and perform data analysis with Python libraries like Pandas and NumPy

In-depth understanding of SQL concepts and commands

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