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Video Editing Course in Delhi

Videos are an integral member of our lives since long. However, video content has started gaining added importance due to the increased digitalization. Video marketing has now started getting a place in the marketing strategy of big and small business houses, and companies began to allocate sufficient budget for the same. And of course, other areas are there too, which are incomplete without videography, including big life events, films, news reporting, etc. And the undisputed fact is that to come up with an excellent final product, which is video content, video editing is cardinal. It can be of use in multiple ways. Imagine the career options! Can you think of the growth that our video editing course in Delhi can help you achieve?

Video editing involves numerous tasks that range from simpler ones like playing with the length of the video and editing special effects to critical ones like combining various elements, adding computer-generated imagery, inserting audio, and others. All these tasks demand specialized knowledge and skills. By attending a top-notch video editing course in Delhi,  you ensure that you get full proficiency in video editing. The training institute lets you select the module from basic to advanced, depending upon your level of existing knowledge. That means, you have an option to commence the journey from the fundamentals of video editing and can reach the destination when you export the final refined video after final touch-up. And your domain expertise makes you eligible to get an assured placement. Sounds exciting! Keep reading to know more.

Are you in the search for video editing course in Delhi that allows acquiring the most demanded skills of 2020 and provides you with a chance to work on your passion? Then congratulations! Because you found one!

Badatya is a leading training provider, offering world-class video editing course in Delhi to support you in achieving your career and financial goals. We are known for record-breaking performance in the field of training. All our candidates have managed to position themselves at eminent places; earning fame for own, clients and our institute. And why not? After all, the success of our candidates is our aim. We, at Badatya, direct all our efforts towards the same. The trainers working with us possess several years’ experience in both video editing and teaching. They adopt the best training methodology, and our superb infrastructure acts as a supporting factor. We always want you to have strong conceptual understanding while being exceptional at the application of the same.

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60 Hours Extensive Training

26 Modules

Supplemental Resources

Full lifetime access

Language: English

Certificate of Completion

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Starting from the introduction to video editing, we cover various topics that include (not necessarily in the same order) adding audio, synching audio & video, adjusting video size, adjusting audio tracks, improvising audio, noise reduction, adjusting speed, colour correction, etc. In addition to this, we guide you on the usage of video editing tools and software. Not only we inform you about them, but we also try to make the latest tools and software available for you to practice.

To name a few, you get information on tools like Final Cut Pro X, iMovie, Avid Media Composer and EDIUS. Well, this is not the end of the list.

The Learning Experience is...

We strive to furnish the best-in-class and complete learning experience. We offer excellence through our video editing course as follows:

Offline/ Online

The Course offers Online and in-Class Training.

Flexibility Learning Schedule and Program

Learn at your pace and Achieve your Goals as per your Convenient Schedule

(Beginner/ Intermediate/ Advanced)Level

Approximately 6 Months to Complete


The Course does not require any prior Digital Marketing knowledge.

Expertise you’ll gain after obtaining a Certificate

The first question of many - What I will get after completion of the course? With our video editing course in Delhi, you will carry much more than just a Certificate. With us, you will find the skills, expertise and in-depth knowledge needed for work.

Ability to keep patience that helps you collaborate and create better, together.

Knowledge about Hardware & Software to handle the high-end video editing work.

Skills to handle suggestions, enabling you to produce the best possible results.

Enhanced visualization skills helping to create the video as per pre-defined goals.

Working efficiently using keyboard shortcuts, plugins and add-ons.

Creating professional videos without using resource-intensive setup.

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