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Machine Learning (ML)


Are you looking for a new career in Machine learning? BADATYA offers you a complete Machine Learning certification course with a live project by a professional trainer. Our Machine Learning training program is exclusively originated for Under-Graduates, Graduates, employed professionals, and Freelancers. This course delivers an extensive establishment to machine learning, data mining, and statistical pattern recognition.


About the Course:


Machine learning is the science to act machines like human beings without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning is helping us in decreasing human dependency. Machine learning is evolving as today’s most accelerated-growing job as the portrayal of automation and AI expands in each and every industry and function. In the past few years, machine learning has provided us with self-driving cars, practical speech recognition, efficient web search, and a great acquaintance with human behavior. Nowadays Machine learning is so common that we use it many times in a day without knowing it.
This course wraps diverse case studies and applications so that you’ll also grasp how to apply learning algorithms to the development of intelligent robots, text comprehension, computer vision, medical information services, audio, database mining, and different zones.


Course Structure:

This Course Includes all the topics which are most important from the industry aspect and also covers the best practices in machine learning.

• Introduction to ML
• Supervised Learning
• Unsupervised Learning
• KNN Classification
• Performance metrics
• Regression
• Logistic Regression for classification
• Support Vector Machines
• Decision Tree Classification
• Model Selection Techniques of ML
• Recommendation System in ML
• Clustering
• Text Analysis
• Dimensionality Reduction
• Open CV-Library
• Projects



Assignments will be given for each topic covered in the course structure and our experienced trainers will help you to enhance your practical skills. Assignments will be relevant to the live projects. Assignments will be used to evaluate your knowledge and experts will Keep more focus on your weak areas.



You will get an opportunity to work with our professional trainers on live projects and learners with exceptional skills will get an opportunity to work permanently on our live projects. These projects will help you in understanding the concepts better and will give you exposure to real-world problems.

Growth and opportunity:


Uses of Machine Learning are increasing incredibly. In our mobiles, laptops, web applications, and many more we are surrounded by the amazing powers of machine learning. BADATYA offers you a great opportunity by joining this training program along with practical implementation. You will be amazed to see the magic of machine learning.



BADATYA offers you 100 percent placement with good packages. Get the guidance of the placement team to understand industry standards and our team will guide you to land your dream job.

Career and Salary:


Looking for a bright career and a high salary?

In 2021, the average yearly earnings for a ‘machine learning engineer’ in India is INR 8 lakh ($10,757), Badatya is offering you a golden opportunity to join this complete Machine Learning Certification Course and get your expected salary. Additionally, Badatya offers you 100 percent placement along with a lifetime valid certification for the course. With our Machine Learning Course, you can become a skilled professional in just a few months and land your dream job.



What machine learning is?

In simple terms, machine learning algorithms are algorithms that learn data that we provide to train the machine. Instead of formulating rules manually to calculate any pattern or value, a machine learning algorithm will learn the model for you and will show you the output for the input you have given.

What are some real-world examples where machine learning is used?

Today it is really difficult to find a problem where machine learning is not already applied. It is booming everywhere like in the medical field, educational field, health, and fitness field, applications we use daily like recommendation systems on youtube and other sites. Text and speech recognition is the best and most common example that everyone uses on a daily basis.

How do I know if the problem is to be solved through machine learning or not?

To train machines we provide training samples after data pre-processing, then data is divided into train and test parts. Some data is used to train the machine and some part of the data is used to test the machine to find how accurately our machine is responding. So depending on the accuracy of the machine, if the machine is providing good accuracy then we can implement that problem using ML.

How can Machine Learning help me in my career growth?

A Machine Learning certification can make you eligible for all the great opportunities in your career which are relevant to the Machine Learning field.
So if you are one who is looking for a new opportunity with exponential growth, this is the time to join BADATYA to become an expert in Machine Learning to migrate from your existing job profile.

Help and Support:


The availability of our team is 24 X 7. In case of query, you can contact us any time. Get study materials from your mentor for deeper insight into the technology.

Opportunity Badatya offers:


Here Badatya offers you a complete Machine Learning Certification Course, after completion of this course you would be a Great Web Developer with high demands in the industry.
The organization of the course is done to meet all industry aspects. This course would make you enough confident and capable to crack great IT job offers. Go from no-code to an in-demand web developer at minimum cost.

Offers you 100 percent guaranteed placement

60 Hours Extensive Training

26 Modules

Supplemental Resources

Full lifetime access

Language: English

Certificate of Completion

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Become the Master of Machine Learning

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    Badatya has created the machine learning program with the intention of furnishing rigorous learning and expertise in the expanding machine learning domain. The certification teaches the candidates concepts of machine learning, developing algorithms, linear regression, algebra review and programming languages. Upon completion of the course, the candidate will master the concepts of deep learning decision trees and clustering as well.
    The course consists of theoretical and practical knowledge for a better understanding. The course paves way for you to become a Pioneer in the machine learning segment.

    The Learning Experience is...

    We Strive to Furnish the Best-in-Class and Complete Learning Experience. We offer Excellence through our Machine Learning Course as follows:

    Offline/ Online

    The Course offer in-Class Training.

    Flexibility learning schedule and program

    Learn at your Pace and Achieve your Goals as per your Convenient Schedule

    (Beginner/ Intermediate/ Advanced)Level

    Approximately 7 months to Complete


    The Course does not Require any Prior Machine Learning Knowledge. Having it is an Asset but not Mandatory

    Expertise you’ll gain after obtaining a Certificate

    Attributing to the accelerated use of machine learning in the world, Badatya has come up with machine learning certification to furnish the best knowledge of the subject. The course teaches you every concept and technique required and makes you rise above the rest.

    Commence the course from the basic concepts and introduction to machine learning

    Game insights into the subjects with real-time data and developing algorithms using supervised and unsupervised learning.

    The concepts of linear regression with one variable, multiple variables and algebra review.

    Deep learning of machine learning concepts along with programming languages like Python, tensor flow, SQL, Keras etc.

    The knowledge of decision trees and clustering and deep learning fundamentals.

    Insights into neural networks representation and learning and support vector machines

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