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2d Animation Course – Certificate Program

2D animation course can take you to the new heights as the field of Animation is diverse! Words of Walt Disney aptly explains the term ‘Animation’ through his saying that goes like, “Animation offers a medium of story telling and visual entertainment which can bring pleasure and information to people of all ages everywhere in the world.” Also, this statement subtly highlights the importance of Animation. Be it the corporate world, education sector or entertainment; animation always helps in making the content more interesting and engaging. You must be remembering cartoons like Tom & Jerry, Motu Patlu, etc. and movies like Aladdin, The Lion King and so many others! And so you must be aware that all these are gifts of animation. Now, we have animated study videos for kids, and there are so many areas where it is applicable.

Are you wondering why we are telling all these? Just to make you realise that animation is a vast and progressive career option. It allows you to have fun at work while empowering you to use your creativity to earn a living. So, to equip you with the required talent and add to your artistry, we present a certificate course in one of the most demanded skills of 2020 so that you can work on your passion. Can you guess the segment? Well, we are talking about 2D animation course. There are two of many types of animation. Without going into depth, let’s have a brief on what they exactly are. It will help in clearing confusion between two if any and would allow you to decide how it can help you in career progression.

2D animation, being 2 dimensional, is less detailed both in terms of concepts and presentations. As it is quite standard, you can do it using paper as well as computer software. Though it does not require you to know high-end technologies, you must be good at drawing. On the other hand, animation is done using computer software like Maya and s Max. In this case, it hardly matters whether you are good at drawing or not until you know animation principles.

Now, the significant point is that both these have own importance and are in-demand because of different applicability. And thus, we offer you a comprehensive 2D animation course that introduces you to a wider area of animation and guides you in mastering the same. We want our candidates to be a complete package so that you can be open to more opportunities in your career. The design of our curriculum ensures that at no point in time, you should underrate yourself and feel a deficiency of skills. Upon completion of our course, you must have the confidence to take any responsibility in the field.

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60 Hours Extensive Training

26 Modules

Supplemental Resources

Full lifetime access

Language: English

Certificate of Completion

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Badatya’s 2D animation course ensures that you have practical expertise along with theoretical knowledge. From basic sketching, character designing and working with an illustrator to advanced 2D and techniques, creation of graphics, adding effects, model and animation, we cover entire things. Moreover, we support you in developing a meaningful portfolio, which is essential. Furthermore, we provide training on various advanced software like Adobe Suite, Houdini, Cinema 4D and Maya.

Our 2D animation course makes you eligible for various job titles, including 2D animator, storyboard artist, lighting artist, texture artist, flash animator and video game designer.

The Learning Experience is...

We strive to furnish the best-in-class and complete learning experience. We offer excellence through our 2D Animation course as follows:

Offline/ Online

The Course offers Online and in-Class Training.

Flexibility Learning Schedule and Program

Learn at your pace and Achieve your Goals as per your Convenient Schedule

(Beginner/ Intermediate/ Advanced)Level

Approximately 6 Months to Complete


The Course does not require any prior Digital Marketing knowledge.

Expertise you’ll gain after obtaining a Certificate

You would be willing to know what's there in Badatya's 2d animation course, making it different from others! Okay, the next few points are going to relax your brain. No doubt you get an assured placement and a certificate. Additionally, you get -

Capability to complete projects as per the schedule without getting stressed or exhausted.

The habit of breathing life to a designed character.

Developing observational skills that help you make animation lively.

Knowledge of emotions in animation and how to use them in your projects.

Approach to compare animated characters with humans.

How to better communicate regarding the work, in a team and individual setting.

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